When we first got started in the business, we used 35mm cameras and brought the film to be developed.

Thankfully, times have changed.

Today, we have teamed up with a company called Matterport to bring our clients the most advanced technology on the market. Matterport is like Google Street View for the inside of your home. It produces immersive virtual walk-through home tours that interested buyers can access from anywhere in the world, and feel like they’re walking through your home in person. The tours feature a zoomed-out “dollhouse” view that highlights the layout of your home, then a 3D reality capture experience that allows buyers to navigate themselves from room to room, and look around the room as if they’re standing in it. You can even link it with Virtual Reality Goggles via your smartphone. See one of our listings on Matterport here for the full experience.

We’ve already noticed a remarkable response to our Matterport tours from our clients. Interested buyers can look at a house they’ve already visited as many times as they’d like, imagining themselves owning your home themselves. Relocating buyers unable to tour your home in person can schedule a phone call with us to look at the Matterport together and have a virtual tour. Curious buyers’ relatives can view the home remotely and give advice and encouragement without accompanying the buyer. Altogether, it’s an indispensable part of marketing your home and we’re proud to be on the forefront of this new technology.

If you’re interested in marketing your home with the newest technology designed to reach more potential buyers and make selling your home an easier experience, call us today to schedule a meeting. We’re thrilled to introduce this to more listings across the MetroWest area, and yours could be next!